Buying used helicopters – a good idea?

A lot of people are hesitant about buying used stuff. This is especially true when talking about something like a helicopter. Most of our clients that come through the door are a bit hesitant about buying rebuilt helicopters. We can see that on their faces. With this post we hope to reassure potential customers by doing a short overview of the helicopter rebuild process.

How we vet rebuilt used helicopters

First step is made when actually buying a used helicopter that we’re going to rebuild. Not every helicopter makes the cut. Some are just beyond repair, they can’t be fixed up safely.

Next up each helicopter that we rebuild is disassembled completely, especially the motor. Each part is examined and those that are worn out even a little bit are replaced. Proper functioning of the motor is important for obvious reasons, people die if the engine stops working and helicopter falls from the sky. Only the best is used during repairs.

Lastly the thing that we are most proud of is the rigorous testing that each helicopters is put under before being put up for sale. Total of 3 pilots put 100 hours minimum of flight testing a helicopter in order to check every aspect of it, and to see how it performs. A document with over 1000 safety checks is gone through and supplied with each helicopter sold so that the clients sees what’s been tested. If that isn’t enough, check some of the customer reviews that I’ve put up on the website to reassure you that buying used helicopters is completely safe.

Posted by Micheal Elliott