A lot of the info about the company has already been covered on the homepage. People behind the company weren’t covered, so that’s what I’m going to do here.

Next to me, Micheal, and my brother Tom Elliot, there are 7 other guys working here at Pulse Helicopters. Me and my brother are in charge of the management, paperwork, finding new used helicopters that our team can work on, etc. The magnificent 7 that actually restores the choppers are Donald Baldwin, Jeffrey Keller, Corey Carter, Doyle Dunn, Phillip Townsend, Tony Pennell and Clayton Wilson.

Team consists of mechanics, electricians and test pilots with years of experience working in both the army and the private sector. Me and Tom also help out with test flights as both of us are experienced pilots. We’re a close bunch that’s been working together for what seems to be forever now. With the help of our clients we’ll continue working well into our retirement.